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Welcome to KCT

Written By: berge

Our Mission is to improve the quality of your lives in the most innovative, enjoyable, and cost effective ways.

Berge B.

KCT Founder and Facilitator

We coach your team or you individually, to produce innovative solutions to your various personal, relationship, technical, cost reduction, emotional and physical and other challenges. In just a few short sessions we produce impressive results. We work with you to generate many practical, innovative improvements and help you to have them implemented.

We use fun and state of the art techniques such as EFT, Focused Innovation process, Results Coaching Expert Systems and other tools to achieve effective outcomes quickly and in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere.

To find out more about our successes in the technical and cost reduction area, please refer to the linked Boeing News article describing the workshops conducted at Boeing Company.

In order to demonstrate our effectiveness we will provide you with one two-hour workshop free. Please refer to the introductory offer for more details.

If you need more details, please contact Berge at 562-477-9785 or email Berge at