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Berge V. Boyadjian

MISSION: My mission is to facilitate innovation to improve the productivity and quality of my clients’ lives in the most innovative, enjoyable, timely, and cost effective way, by applying state-of-the-art tools and  processes.


  • MS in Systems Management,      USC      1975
  • BS in Engineering,                       UCLA   1971

STUDIES: Corporate and Individual Results Coaching (trained by Anthony Robbins and his staff), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Total Quality Management, Quality Function Deployment, Leadership, Team Facilitation, Spacecraft System Design and Analysis, Program Management, System and Concurrent Engineering, Strategic Planning.

CURRENT POSITION: Consultant and president of Knowledge Capture and Transfer (KCT) organization that I founded in August 1994.  We do corporate and individual results and EFT coaching and facilitate groups to develop innovative solutions to technical, people or systems problems, selection and implementation of the solutions, application of information technology and knowledge management to improve productivity, communication, and quality of lives. For more information please refer to the KCT brochure on the web at .


CONSULTANT (Seven years at current position and nine years at Boeing): At Boeing, I was one of the internal consultants for the Reusable Space Systems Division to decrease product development cycle time and cost; increase productivity and customer satisfaction; strategic planning, vision implementation, and generation of technical and administrative innovative solutions. Working with teams and key individuals to find, prioritize, select and implement improvements at all levels of the organization. Facilitated implementation of many improvement projects in the following areas: performance support systems, knowledge capture, expert systems, creativity, brainstorming, knowledge management, systems engineering, effective meetings,  teamwork and Vision Implementation. Developed and conducted Focused Innovation Workshops.  The results from just two of these workshops conducted at Boeing were published in Boeing News article and the following is a summary of it:

  • Space Shuttle Configuration Verification Accounting System process cycle-time and cost reduction workshop generated 130 ideas in eight hours.  Selected 13 ideas for implementation.  The estimated implementation cost was $743,000 with expected savings of $4.9 million.  Actual savings from the six completed projects is about $440,000.
  • Rocket Propellant Densification workshop produced 12 innovation disclosures (potential patents) in two days. As a direct result of my workshop, participants of my workshop were awarded four patents in December, 2000. The patents are listed with more details in Boeing News article, linked from my web site,

INSTRUCTOR & FACILITATOR: Created and conducted “Focused Innovation Workshops” through Extension program of California State University of Long Beach, California.  Created and taught a course titled “Establishing Your Own Enterprise” at the University of Alaska for two semesters while working for Fluor Corp. on the Aleyeska Pipeline terminal in Valdez, Alaska.  The entrepreneurial concepts covered in the course may be applied to any organization to improve productivity, go into new markets, increase market shares and profits.  Facilitated many courses such as Lou Tice’s Investment In Excellence, Deming’s 14 points, Conway’s Right Way to Manage, Quality Function Deployment. Developed and conducted other workshops such as: Shaping Your Personal or Group’s Destiny, Creativity, Focused Innovation Workshops and Do-It-Yourself Relationship Mending.

MANAGER: Led National Aerospace Plane Independent Research and Development Program at Boeing Company. It included 21 diverse high-tech projects; total value was more than $10 million. Directed and led up to 34 system and support engineers with varied specialties.  We performed systems engineering activities of aerospace programs, such as Global Positioning System, Space Shuttle, National Test Bed, Strategic Defense Initiative Architecture, Boost Surveillance and Tracking System, and Space Based Interceptor.

AUTHOR & PUBLISHER: Authored and my company, KCT, published a book in December 1999. It is titled “Create Fun @ Work; Improve Your Productivity, Quality of Life, and the Morale of Those Around You.” Here are two key book endorsements it received:

  • “This book is great! Create Fun @ Work gives the tools to create a productive and fun atmosphere that everyone can benefit from. Through humor, practical ideas and principles you’ll want to go to work everyday!” Mark Victor HansenCo-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® ; Co-author, ”The One Minute Millionaire”.
  • “This book should be the handbook for every office. It’s fun, it’s practical and it’s indispensable. Having fun at work is a key ingredient for living a fulfilled life.” Robert G. Allen, 4 times NY Times bestsellers: “Multiple Streams of Income” Co-author, “The One Minute Millionaire”.

Papperback and e-book versions are available through KCT, and

SYSTEMS ENGINEER: Performed Systems Engineering tasks on some of the programs listed above. These tasks included system requirements analysis, requirements allocation, requirements traceability, functional analysis, functional flows, timeline analysis, system trades, interface control analysis and documentation.  Developed expert systems to capture experts’ knowledge and transfer to non experienced individuals. One of my products, Spacecraft Contamination Control Expert System is on NASA home page on Internet. May/June 1997 issue of PC Artificial Intelligent Magazine article titled “An Expert System for Aerospace” describes this expert system.

PROJECT ENGINEER: Led all technical aspects of a $276 million international system.  Planned, directed and supervised the technical activities. Coordinated the design and implementation of engineering changes with the customer and the contractors. Participated in preparation and evaluation of proposals, and contract negotiations.

LOGISTICS PROGRAM ANALYST: Performed detailed analysis and prepared logistics programs related to specific disciplines within logistics support, such as training, maintainability, serviceability and publications on “Spartan” Missile Project.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Worked two years in Iran and two years in Saudi Arabia.

  • IRAN: I worked for Autonetics Division of Rockwell (Now Boeing) in Tehran, IRAN. It was a turnkey contract with the Iranian Air Force where we were responsible for designing, building and start-up operation of many critical communication systems and facilities around Iran.  I was the engineering manager.  We defined customers’ requirements, contracted the engineering and construction work to local firms and supervised their work. In February of 1979 US Air Force evacuated us due to the Iranian revolution.
  • SAUDI ARABIA: I worked for Ralph M. Parsons Company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  I was the project engineer of design and construction of major parts of King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Led all technical aspects of the $276 million works on Royal Hanger, Royal Pavilion and Security system of Haj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) Terminal. Planned, directed and supervised the technical activities. Coordinated the design and implementation of engineering changes with the customer and the contractors.  Participated in preparation and evaluation of proposals, and contract negotiations.

TRAVELS: Traveled extensively, have been around the world twice.  Have been in many parts of Europe, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Armenia, Israel, Croatia, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.  Additionally, I lived in the following places with my family: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Valdez, Alaska.  In Valdez, I was the responsible engineer for Power Generation & Vapor Recovery elements of the Aleyeska Pipeline Terminal for Fluor Corporation.

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