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Written By: berge

Brainstorming is a term that is often misused. The main purpose of brainstorming is to devote some time and generate as many ideas as you can on a particular topic. Brainstorming is done by one individual, by a group, or a combination of both methods.

The best results of brainstorming is achieved using the following

  • Use a good facilitator to guide the group
  • Conduct these meetings first thing in the morning
  • Have a clear objective of the session sent to all participants a week in advance with invitations to the meeting place and time
  • Provide the following in either the invitation letter or part of the introduction:
  1. Challenge/problem definition
  2. History
  3. Consequences if not solved
  4. Benefits if solved
  5. Send them a copy of the creativity thumb rules
  6. Encourage them to think about the challenge, use the thumb rules and list ideas they come up with before the meeting

Assign an idea recorder

Apply the following rules during the brainstorming session

  1. Create and have fun as mush as possible without loosing the focus and main objective of the meeting
  2. Develop as many ideas as possible
  3. Solicit and develop wild, and unusual ideas
  4. Do not allow any criticism or use of “Killer Phrases”
  5. Piggy-back on other’s ideas and create a modified idea
  • Develop a few key questions before the session
  • Ask all participants to write as many answers to a key question on 3X5 cards quietly and individually
  • After a five to ten minutes, get each to share their ideas
  • Document the ideas on view foils or on a PC with overhead projection system for all to see
  • Discuss each idea
  • Repeat this cycle until all the questions are answered
  • Categorize
  • Select the most promising ones
  • Allow the boss to attend but not lead
  • Squelch personal verbal attacks
  • Define the next steps
  • After the meeting send meeting notes and future updates to all participants."> © 2018 KCT
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