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Coaching Functions

Written By: berge

Functions of a Results Coach

Results Coaches help clients reach their potentials. The coach helps the client set goals, provides feedback, perspective, encouragement and new ways of tackling situations. It’s like having someone “running alongside you” in life, giving you the extra input and insights that can really make a difference to your success.  A Results Coach works one-to-one over an extended period of time. This way the  work is targeted and focused to the client’s need, plus the coach is able to make sure you really develop new skills and habits. Results Coaches work with clients 2 to 4 half-hour-coaching sessions each month. These sessions are conducted face to face or on the telephone.  Results coaches are like a combination of the following:

A friend who believes in you and who will help you access your unique potential and realize your long-held dreams. A mentor who asks you the right questions and helps you define and set bigger goals for yourself in any area of your life that you want to improve, such as:

  • Health
  • Financial
  • Relational
  • Family
  • Business

A facilitator who asks you appropriate questions to challenge you to make commitments to reach your goals. A manager who challenges you to find new approaches to make your dreams a reality.  A personal trainer that will keep you moving along your path. A sports coach to give you feedback to help improve your game.

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