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Creativity Workshop

Written By: berge

Creativity and Innovation Workshop


Each participant or a group need to  identify a real personal or a group problem/challenge that need innovative solution. During the workshop you will apply creativity tools to your specific challenge. The challenge could be technical or non-technical, for  example, a technical challenge could be “Developing an effective  creativity room”, or “Developing an ideal electronic personal assistant”, or “Improving the design of …”; Non-technical:  “Creating more fun @ work”, or “Improving relationship with ….”, or “Improving productivity of …”

Workshop Description

Increase creativity at work and develop innovative solutions and improve the quality of your life. During the workshop you will be introduced and facilitated to apply many creativity tools to your personal or your group’s problem and generate many innovative solutions. The workshop consists of two four hour sessions.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who want to learn how to and generate alternative solutions to challenging problems
  • Groups who need innovative ideas to improve their products or services and create more fun at work
  • Special workshops may be arranged for your specific group at your facility

You will learn …

  • To apply at least eight innovation tools
  • To generate at least 16 creative ideas for your specific challenge

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