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Basic EFT

Written By: berge

Shortcut Version of EFT

  • 1. Select a very specific area to work on, such as nail biting, pain reduction, stop craving for a smoke, or eating or drinking a certain item
  • 2. Estimate the intensity of the selected item (from now on called …) 0 to 10
  • 3. While taping with five fingers at the karate TopOfHeadPlusPoints0202chop point say the following vigorously, three times:
    • “Even though I have this ….., I totally and deeply accept myself”
    • Please view introductory videos for reference
  • 4. Continue to focus on the problem you are working on and state the problem, for example …fear of public speaking… , as you tap about 8 times at each of these energy meridian points:
    • Top of the head
    • Eye brow CollarBonePoint03
    • Side eye
    • Under eye
    • Under nose
    • Chin
    • Collar bone
    • Under arm
  • 5. UnderArmPoint02 Estimate the intensity again
  • 6. Repeat the process until the intensity becomes 0 or
  • 7. Repeat the process at least four times a day, morning, noon, eve, before going to sleep

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