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EFT Workshop

Written By: berge

A two hour EFT Introduction Workshops
are conducted as needed.

During the workshop you will learn and apply basic EFT and realize your amazing outcomes.

You will learn, apply and experience the following:

  • Two hours of introduction & application of EFT
  • Information on how to get an electronic book that explains details of EFT and periodic e-mails informing you of the new discoveries and applications
  • Participants may decrease existing pains, stop bad habits, and free themselves of personal anxieties during the two hour workshop
    • Such as nail biting
    • Stress
    • Headache
  • Most of the participants will be able to apply it to themselves and others with about 50% success rate

If you need more details, please contact Berge at 562-477-9785 or email Berge at berge@bergeb.com.


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