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Focused Innovation Workshop

Written By: berge

Focused Innovation Workshops (FIW) are held as needed at your facility to derive innovative solutions to a very specific pre-selected problem/challenge. These challenges may be technical or non-technical.

Technical  FIWs produce five to 15 innovation disclosure ideas in just two 4-hour sessions.  Some of these disclosures become patents. For example, one workshop focused on spacecraft propellant densification produced 12 innovation disclosures. Each participant of this workshop were awarded four patents. These patents now are providing a protective umbrella around one original patent owned by this organization.

Non-technical FIWs produce more  immediate returns. For example, one FIW on US Space Shuttle related process produced 130 improvement ideas, from which thirteen most promising ideas were selected.  The total implementation cost for  these improvement ideas was estimated to be $743,000 with savings of $4.9 million per year for the next five years. Six of these ideas have been implemented already, and have produced actual savings of $440,000. Please  refer to Boeing News article for more information on these examples.

You may enroll in this workshop either through KCT or through California State University, Long Beach.

Who should attend?

Organizations who want innovative ideas for …

  • Designs
  • Technical solutions
  • Cost reductions
  • Process cycle time reductions

FIW participants should include …


  • One key individual who is the expert in the focus area
  • Two to three others who know the focus area
  • Three to four others who are generalists, are creative, usually think “outside the box”, and one of the four need to be familiar with information technology.

You will produce:

Your team will be facilitated to produce many of the following results, depending on the selected subject:

  • About one hundred innovative ideas, potential solutions to your organization’s specific problem
  • A categorized and prioritized list of the generated ideas
  • Five to 15 innovations that could become one to five patents
  • Cost reduction ideas that once implemented could produce savings from two to more than 100 times the cost of the workshop
  • Process cycle time reduction ideas reducing cycle time from 5% to 60%
  • Innovative new designs

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