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Expert System


Rockwell Space Systems Division Contamination Control Expert System Installation

This package includes the following:

  • System requirements:
    • A. Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or higher

      B. An 80386 processor or higher

      C. At least 8 MB RAM memory

      D. Free hard disk space of approximately 8 megabytes

      E. Windows compatible VGA or higher resolution monitor.

      F. Windows compatible Mouse pointing device

      G. Adobe Acrobat reader to view the design Guidelines.(refer to step 6 below.)

  • Expert system installation instructions:
    1. Create a directory on your "C" drive called XR3RUN
    2. Download EXPERT_O.EXE file and save it in XR3RUN directory
    3. Execute or run the EXPERT_O.EXE to extract the necessary files
    4. Refresh the window by Window/refresh using Windows File Manager to see the extracted files
    5. Copy or move XR3RUN.INI file to your Windows directory
    6. Go to Start Button the Run Button, then in the command line type in C:\xr3run\xr3run.exe cont_10a.xra
    7. Make sure the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on C:\Acroread directory. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, Click here to download it.

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