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Automatic Writing

Written By: berge

We have many ideas hidden in our subconscious. Automatic writing, (others call it free-writing) is an approach to get some of those hidden nuggets out to your conscious.

  1. Pause one minute and think about some of the elements of your challenge
  2. Then, before you had a chance to think it all out, begin writing spontaneously
  3. Stick to your topic
  4. Do not stop for anything
  5. Write quickly without rushing
  6. Don’t struggle over form or correctness
  7. on’t cross out
  8. Do not read over what you wrote until your time is up
  9. If you can not think of things to write, write “I will have good ideas soon” over and over again until you get some thoughts.
  10. Continue writing for a minimum of five minutes (10 minutes is better)
  11. Do not look at your watch or clock, set an alarm clock, or ask someone to let you know when it is time.

A variation of this would be to take a tape recorder and start verbalizing your ideas, without stopping. When you do not have ideas, keep telling yourself that you will come up with new ideas. Or pretend you are talking to your internal consultant or your recording, or just repeating his or her ideas. After you write or tape your thoughts, review and write down or underline, highlight all the new ideas that you have discovered.

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