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Ideal Solution Method

Written By: berge

It is amazing how this tool works almost every time. Most people put limits and perimeters around their problem that usually are not there. These imaginary limits cause most of us find no optimum solution, and sometimes no solutions at all. This tool, if applied properly, eliminates some of those pitfalls. These are the steps we need to take to apply the Ideal Solution method:

  1. Assume you have all the necessary talents; talented staff, equipment, tools, funds, time, supportive people, environment, resources, and whatever else you might need.
  2. Review your desired state description of your challenge as described in the “force field analysis” chapter 9, ideas generation section.
  3. For a few minutes, imagine the best solution or features of the solution in your challenge.
  4. Record your thoughts freely in an outline format. Break it down any way you want, by elements, functions, features, or any other way.
  5. Place or post your outline at a place where you and others could see it often.
  6. Ask others to add to your outline whenever they get an idea without erasing any part.
  7. Review your outline of ideas occasionally.
  8. Whenever you get other ideas, just add them to the outline

As you write the ideas down, you will notice that most of them will be within your resources and capabilities. At the end, when you find a few items that require more resources than what you have, simply try to get the resource. If you cannot get them, remove it from your list, and work on the other ideas

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