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Internal Consultant

Written By: berge

Internal consultant innovation tool is one of the most amazing and one of my favorite tools. It seems too simple as you read it. As soon as you apply it, you will see the results.

Her is the process:

  1. Select a person, living or dead, real or fictional, who appeals to you for one reason or another. A person who is or was extremely wise, creative, and experienced in your particular challenge. i.e. Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Buddah, Jesus Christ etc.
  2. Visualize him or her sitting with you in your favorite, most comfortable, peaceful, serene, and beautiful place you can imagine.
  3. Start asking him or her the questions you have on your challenge.
  4. Imagine the approaches he would take to solve your challenge
  5. Record your thoughts

If you can not come up with an imaginary internal consultant, think of individuals that are or were very successful. They do not need to have experience in the same are. Use one of them and see what results you get. If that individual does work well for you and does not give you some good ideas, “fire” him and “hire” another one. They are cheap, every one in this world can afford them.

Read their biographies, learn, and emulate their ways of facing and overcoming challenges.

For example, let us hire Jerry Lewis to consult us on how we could possibly have more fun at work. What would he recommend? First he might make some real funny face and say DUH!!!!, he might take a paper roll it up and use it as antenna and try to communicate with his comedy writer. He might give you ideas on how you could get his movie archives, and copy only his funny short sections from his movies. Then you can play them on your during your lunchtime videos. He might start impersonating your boss or even you. What about hiring

Walt Disney? He might place cartoon figures all over the walls then change the décor and color of your office to have some Disney themes. He might add some music, special costumes, he might even make all bearded men shave their beards.

What about asking Jesus Christ? He would come, love us all, and tell us to love one another, as He loved us. He created the universe and us.  He made many miracles.  He said we will more things than He did.  Ask His help, believe that He’ll give it to you and you will definitely get it.

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