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Written By: berge

The following are testimonials from various sources regarding outcomes of results coaching:

Engineer, Orange, California
Berge was my coach when I decided to end my lifelong bachelorhood and find my life partner. I was skeptical but looking back it was the best move I could have done. He provided guidance, ideas, and encouragement, but most importantly, he was a superbly competent sounding board to focus what I was really looking for, and what would be the best approach to take. Within a few weeks we narrowed the field, within 3 months I was in a committed relationship to the woman I would marry. As of this writing we’ve been happily married for over one year. Linda is the most wonderful thing in my life, and I thank Berge for this.

Senior Pastor of a church, San Diego, California
I have been coached for the past few months by Berge and have found his help invaluable. He helped me achieve a number of goals including one that significantly increased my productivity. But, more important than this achievement, he has helped me develop the tools I need to set clear goals and achieve them on a regular basis. I recommend his coaching services to anyone who wants to make progress not only in work but in any area of life.

A 16 Year Old, Las Vegas, Nevada
With every coaching session, Berge encouraged me to set goals and achieve them. Whether it was from a personal problem to a job, he had a way to solve any dilemma. With all the time and steps he took with me, I achieved a better understanding of why things happen and how to make better choices, regardless of what I’m doing. His interest in helping me makes the experience that much  better. Thanks, Berge!

Mother of the 16 year old, Las Vegas, Nevada
Berge is phenomenal as a results coach! From the very first session he managed to instill noticeable changes into my teenage son: inspiring motivation and focus; veering him towards his short-term, as well as long-term goals; helping him with his resume and preparing him for his first summer internship interview. My son was hired and got  a call back to continue beyond his short-term contract. Thanks to Berge, my son’s viewpoint has changed for the better. He approaches things with greater self-confidence and actually talks about his plans for the future. But the best thing about Berge’s coaching is his genuine interest in his “client”, and his inspirational nature and demeanor. And all this is complementary. Well Berge, our Sincere Complements to You!

Business Woman, Pacific Palisades, California
Berge is a fantastic results coach!  He has an incredible assortment of tools to help you identify and track where you need to go. Berge also has a wonderful abiltiy of capturing where you are at and transferring that information into helping you take the next steps to create and take immediate action. Berge is a positive, inspirational motivator and results coach I highly recommend!

Architect, Seal Beach, California
I just finished my third coaching session with Berge and have already seen far-reaching results as he has stimulated my mind to focus new-found energy on what counts. He is helping me to achieve purpose, order and creative action in place of uncertainty and distraction.

Engineer, Huntington Beach, California
I  contacted Mr. Boyadjian about achieving a balance between my business and personal life, and have never regretted it.  Berge is a great help, his inputs  are very results oriented, and directly applicable to improving my personal life.  I began to see concrete results after my first coaching session with  Berge, and I am very grateful to have his guidance.

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