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Thought Control

Written By: berge

Our Thoughts are Powerful

75-98% of Mental and Physical Illnesses Come from our Thought Life!

As we think we become, positive or negative. It does not take much energy to change our thoughts. Why not try it for 28 days to improve your thoughts and your life.  You don’t have to believe the writer, just go to many Bible verses and other studies that confirm these statements.


A system is developed to help all to improve their thoughts.  The system is very user friendly for all who can read and write.  There is an app for smart phones, website with all the necessary information and simple paper and pencil method.  There is a support system also developed to help you achieve your thought control.


The idea is to be reminded many times a day to evaluate and redirect your thoughts.  Determine if it is positive, neutral or negative.  Mark it down as such.  Read an affirmation loud enough so you can hear it.  You may select an affirmation from the list, create one of your own and read out loud every time. Each time you thoughts are not positive switch a bracelet from one hand to the other.  The idea is to keep the bracelet on one hand for the 28 days. Daily, just before you go to sleep, after your prayer, visualize yourself achieving your desire as much details as possible, use as many senses as you can as you visualize it, see it, smell, taste, sound and feel as your desire is manifesting.  This will help your marvelous and creative subconscious to take over and make it real for you while you are sleep.


Part of support system is peer alliance.  Find a person who also wants to apply this technique and use the guidelines of peer alliance to support each other.


Often check your progress, evaluate it and take corrective action.  Share your suggestions and progress on the web, email or snail mail.

For more ideas and vision on thought control go to this page.


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