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Written By: berge

Walked on hot charcoals 3 times part of my training under Anthony Robbins.  Watch this video by Tolly Burkan who tought Tony Robbins how to firewalk.

KCT Provides Results Coaching, Do It Yourself Relationship Mending, EFT and many other coaching areas needed by the clients.

Start living your Life like it really matters.

Maximize all areas of your life: work, home, family, spiritual, financial, personal, leisure and social.  Call Berge, KCT facilitator, the passionate Results Coach, to be your bridge to a new future full  of possibilities and great living.

The coaching program starts with a no-obligation introduction of one hour, where we meet each other and discuss results coaching as it applys to your life. It can be on the phone, Skype or in person.

If you decide it’s for you, we’ll do two coaching sessions per month, half hour each, over the following few months.  The focus is on you achieving your goals. Its an inspiring journey- lots to learn about yourself, fun, and very effective.

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